Eska Claire Jewellery

Eska Claire is recognized as one of South Africa’s pre-eminent young jewellery designers, and has received recognition in the Plat Africa jewellery manufacturing competition in 2006 and 2008. Eska Claire has been featured in lifestyle magazines; De Kat, Top Billing, Marie Claire and Bruids Gids, and the Top Billing TV program.

At the manufacturing facility in Pretoria Eska Claire specializes in the customizing, design and manufacture of engagement rings, wedding rings, neckpieces and earrings. She successfully converts family jewellery pieces into stylish new jewellery and is also able to restore family jewellery heirlooms to their original condition.

Eska Claire specializes in precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, but also works with precious and semi-precious beads to create a unique and fresh designer aesthetic.

The Eska Claire jewellery brand is recognized for :

  • Exquisite jewellery designs
  • Superb jewellery craftmanship
  • The finest quality materials

 Eska Claire Dullstroom

At the Eska Claire Dullstroom shop there is a full range of Eska Claire jewellery on display and the shop incorporates collectable ceramics from SA’s finest and internationally acclaimed ceramicists. Ceramics from Hennie Meyer, Katherine Glenday, Karen Sinovitch, Helen Vaughn, John Shirley, Margot Rudolph, Christas Ceramics & Woven Ceramics are all on display.Fine artwork by Aly Kilbride, Terenia Large and Francis Lategan can be viewed at this exclusive shop.

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Aly Kilbride – artist

Intricate detail characterizes Alys’ distinctinctive style which is timeless and sophisticated. Aly has a BA degree in Silk Screen Printing and Design where she obtained a First Class Honours Degree at Loughborough College Of Art and Design, England. She later went on to study Fashion Illustration at St. Martin’s School of Fashion Design and Art, London. Aly was awarded fellowship by the Royal Society of Art, London.

Her early years were spent doing corporate work in fashion illustration and graphic designs in London before emigrating to South Africa. Aly has work on permanent exhibition at various galleries and corporate offices. She enjoys primarily working in pastels & pencil but also uses oil on canvas as an alternative medium. Her work reflects her deep passion to capture those views we see through the ‘windows’ in our lives. Aly gets her inspiration from nature and divine light.

Catherine Brennon

Catherine Brennon works from The Underberg Studio. She creates one of a kind pieces, often with lace impressions. Her ceramics are on view  and are for sale in the gallery attached to the studio.

Catherine is influenced by many things: natural life form patterns, African sculpture and textiles, wilderness landscapes, music, the spiritual life. From the time of her initial training in ceramics (1977-79) she has endeavoured to connect with people through the medium of clay. She maintains her biggest responsibility to her craft is to remain enthusiastic and energized in what she does with clay. To this end she continually exposes herself to the work of other artists and is constantly updating her skills and knowledge through courses and travel. During 2002/3 Catherine returned to the Witwatersrand Technikon where she converted her 3 year Diploma in ceramics to a BTech Ceramics Degree, passing with distinction. The practical component during this period required pieces to be made with reference to textures such as lace, basketry and other woven surfaces. This resulted in the body of work that she is still currently busy with, which can be viewed at the gallery.

David Walters

David Walters, one of South Africa's most distinguished potters, was also the founder and driving force behind its first craft route, Natal's Midlands Meander.  David has been a potter for 35 years, moving from regulation stoneware in the 1970s to a 20-year love affair with white, hard, lustrous porcelain.

Some of David's hand-thrown porcelain is smoke-fired, a technique also known as pit-firing.

Hennie Meyer - Ceramics

Acclaimed South African ceramist Hennie Meyer turns the expressive qualities of clay, composite shapes and colour into aesthetically pleasing vessels, objects and installations.

Hennie’s work is neither commercial nor mass-produced. Every piece is individually shaped by him, then glazed and fired. His work can be seen at art galleries, exhibitions, and private and public collections in SA, Europe, the UK and Asia. Clients from all over the world commission him to create artwork and installations.

Hennie’s studio is based in Durbanville near Cape Town. He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics and a fellow of Ceramics South Africa.

Karen Sinovich

Karen is a well known South African ceramic artist, who lives and works in Cape Town.She works primarily in porcelain using various hand building techniques and has taken part in numerous exhibitions throughout the country. In 2004 she was the recipient of the Premier National Arts Council Award for 'Best on Show' at the Ceramics South Africa National Exhibition.

Her work is to be found in the permanent collections of the Pretoria Art Museum, the William Humphreys Art Collection, the Corobrik Collection, as well as in corporate and private collections.
In her work, Karen references her surroundings, the ever-changing light on the ocean, sandy beaches, rocks and pebbles, shells, boats and driftwood.
Two flying birds are usually to be found somewhere on each of her pieces. This is a reference to an old rhyme, which contains the line 'two for joy' as she hopes this is the feeling her pieces will bring to whoever owns them.

Katherine Glenday

Katherine Glenday majored in ceramics as part of a degree in Fine Art and has worked almost exclusively with porcelain for over 25 years. She has an abiding love of the translucency of this fine and precious material. She is one of the country's leading ceramic artists and has works in all the major public collections in South Africa. Her work has been shown and collected internationally for the past 15 years and is featured in South African, Australian, British and American publications.

The current work on show reflects Katherine's interest in the natural world.She aspires to capture movement and the dynamic between us and our environment,between the plants and animals and their surrounds. She does not aim to simply replicate nature, but works with an awareness of the flow between 'macrocosm and microcosm', between her hands and the clay and with the transforming heat of the kiln. Most of all she tries to capture the play of light.

Margot Rudolph

Margot Rudolph received her national Diploma in Ceramics Design from the Pretoria Technicon in 1986. After that she got the opportunity to work as a mould maker/designer at Continental China from 1986 to 1989.   Whilst working as a display artist for a major fashion store, Margot gave part-time classes at the Pretoria Technicon College from 1989 till 1995. After this Margot turned full time to pottery and opened her own pottery studio. Margot has created her own style, embracing an African theme which is manifested in vibrantly unique ceramic works of art.

Her inspiration comes from indigenous plants and textures and is then translated into her own individual style. She achieves this by combining colours with simplicity, in stoneware ceramic items. Margot has won an award in the Regional Ceramic Exhibiton and has exhibited on National and Regional exhibitions organized by the Ceramics SA, as well as various group exhibitions and solo exhibitions.

Sarah Walters

Sarah Walters has a Fine Arts Sculpture degree from Norwich School of Art and Design in the UK.  After completing her degree in 2001, she returned to South Africa to be with her family. It was then that she got hooked on ceramics, and began to work alongside her dad, David Walters. In 2004 she moved to Cape Town and her own studio. While there, she served on the Committee of Ceramics Southern Africa. She won the Potter's Association New Signature Award, Western Cape, in 2002, and has since exhibited widely.