Aly Kilbride

Intricate detail characterizes Alys' distinctinctive style which is timeless and sophisticated.

Aly has a BA degree in Silk Screen Printing and Design where she obtained a First Class Honours Degree at Loughborough College Of Art and Design, England. She later went on to study Fashion Illustration at St. Martin's School of Fashion Design and Art, London. Aly was awarded fellowship by the Royal Society of Art, London.

Her early years were spent doing corporate work in fashion illustration and graphic designs in London before emigrating to South Africa.

Aly has work on permanent exhibition at various galleries and corporate offices. She enjoys primarily working in pastels & pencil but also uses oil on canvas as an alternative medium. Her work reflects her deep passion to capture those views we see through the 'windows' in our lives. Aly gets her inspiration from nature and divine light.